Comprehensive Osteoporosis Management Program

 Program Foundations:

comp-2Based on work of Sara Meeks, PT, M.S. , G.C.S, Avery Home Health’s Program is a comprehensive treatment strategy based on both current medical research and understanding of Osteoporosis’ pathophysiology. Avery focuses on providing education and exercises designed to improve body alignment and reverse patterns of postural change. These interventions facilitate paraspinal strength which has been shown to decrease the incidence of vertebral fractures in estrogen deficient women. The program is effective and safe for patients with recent vertebral compression fractures, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis and back surgeries.


History is reviewed including exercise habits, hobbies, diet, current medications and co-morbidities. Vital signs, posture, strength, range of motion, standing balance, and safety with ambulation and transfers are assessed.        Height measurement using a stadiometer and a picture highlighting posture is taken. Patient goals are outlined and the plan of care is created.

Interdisciplinary and Holistic Medicine:

Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Social Work are incorporated to provide insight into disease processes, understanding medications, developing a bone healthy diet and accessing community resources.

comp-3Body Mechanics Education and Postural Correction:

  • Providing computer illustrated pictures and printed instructions
  • Hands on training of safe Activity of Daily Living performance
  • Eliminating dangerous habits that can cause future fractures
  • Coaching to develop improved posture and evenly balanced stance

Site Specific, Weight Bearing and Breathing Exercises:

  • Providing safe, gentle, isometric exercises to begincomp-4
  • Improving lumbar thoracic and cervical paraspinal strength resulting in increased bone strength and body height
  • Establishing walking program to improve bone strength
  • Breathing exercises and better posture leading to improved vital organ function

Balance Training:

  • After pain levels have subsided
  • Reducing likelihood of life altering falls
  • Incorporating Interactive Metronome therapy and Biodex Portable BioSway

Inclusion of Durable Medical Equipment and Modalities:

  • Specific bracing protocols to improve outcomes
  • Moist Heat and Ultrasound and Massage to manage pain
  • Use of ambulatory aids, including proper fitting walkers, canes and walking poles to facilitate weight- bearing walking programs

comp-1Proper care of your Osteoporosis can enrich and activate your lifestyle… Call Avery today to get started